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Windows as low as $399

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A Percentage of our proceed​s will be donated to a local charity. 

Thank you for your support as we work together to improve our communities.​

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Our services


There are many reasons to change your old windows, but you may not get the performance you paid for if installed improperly.

Let our professional window installers make your home bright, warm and beautiful.

Exterior Doors

Bring life to your entrance with our door services. Standard or Custom, we can provide you a variety of options to make your home unique.

Let our professional door installers make  your home secure and elegant.

Interior and Closet Doors

Our door services do not stop at your entrance, we supply and install a wide variety of interior doors and sliding closet doors.

Let our professional installers freshen up your interior with a clean finishes and quality products.

Repairs and Custom Flashing​

All you might need is a repair, fresh caulking or new flashing.

Revive your home with high quality  sealants and aluminum flashing solutions to fit any application.

Let our professionals freshen up your home.

Our Quality is Crystal​ Clear


 The majority of our products include a Lifetime Limited, Transferable Warranty. These industry leading warranties are our pledge to life long quality and performance.

Contact us for more details.

Our Guarantee

To provide unparalleled service, exceptional finishes and timely completions.

To better understand your needs, and strive to improve our services accordingly.

To establish a strong foundation with our clients.

To give back to our communities throughout the Ottawa Valley and surrounding areas.